What are Slow Auction Drafts?

Slow Auction Drafts are a great alternative if your dynasty league has a hard time getting everyone together for the draft.

Slow Auction Draft vs Standard Auction Draft

Obviously the main difference is that these drafts are slower, and so the nomination and bidding time for a player can be hours or days. Another major difference is that there will be multiple players up for bid at the same time.

How long do slow auction drafts take?

These drafts typically take 2-3 weeks, but there are several variables such as draft settings, roster size, and draft etiquette of your league mates that will ultimately determine how long your draft takes.

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How do Slow Auction Drafts Work?


You will nominate a player based on the draft order, the same as you would in a standard auction draft. The difference is that you don’t wait for that player to be won before the next team nominates. So you will have many players nominated at the same time. When the max number of active nominations is reached (most leagues set this number at 20-30), nominations will be paused until a player is won which will free up a nomination spot.
When you nominate a player you will put in a max bid, but the player will start off at $1. Learn more about Proxy Bidding under Bidding.


When you bid on a player you will put in the max bid you are willing to pay. No one will be able to see your max bid, only the current high bid. The system will then automatically increase your bid up to your max bid as other teams try to outbid you. This type of bidding is known as “Proxy Bidding” which you might be familiar with if you’ve used eBay.
Example: Team1 currently has a high bid on PlayerA for $5 and a max bid of $40. Team2 puts in a max bid of $25. Team1 is still the high bidder and the high bid is now $25. Team3 puts in a max bid of $45. Team3 is the new high bidder and the high bid is now $41.

Adjusting Your Max Bid

Your max bid is not set in stone. You can increase or decrease your existing max bid on a player at anytime. You can decrease your max bid down to the current high bid.

Bid Timer Reset

When there is a new high bidder for a player then the bidding clock will reset (default is 24 hours). However, if your bid is not high enough to make you the new high bidder, then the clock will NOT reset.
Example: Team1 currently has a high bid on PlayerA for $10 and a max bid of $20. Team2 puts in a max bid of $15. Team1 is still the high bidder and the high bid is now $15. This will not reset the bidding clock as the winning team didn’t change. A team would have to put in a max bid of $21 or higher to become the new high bidder and reset the bid timer.

Website for Slow Auction Drafts

The majority of fantasy football sites do not offer slow auction drafts. ESPN, Yahoo, CBS, and Sleeper will get the job done for standard leagues, but the sites dedicated to dynasty fantasy football are limited.

League Tycoon is the only modern dynasty fantasy football site, which also includes a state-of-the-art mobile app.

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Slow Auction Draft Features

  • Easy to manage your bids from both the mobile app & the web
  • Get push notifications when you are outbid or when a new player is nominated
  • Proxy Bidding (eBay style)
  • Customize the number of players that can be nominated at one time
  • Adjust draft settings and time limits on the fly to speedup or slowdown your draft progress

Why League Tycoon is the only place to play

  • Offers both Standard Auction Drafts & Slow Auction Drafts.
  • League Tycoon is the only site that offers a Salary Cap league option that manages all aspects for you. Commissioners running Salary Cap leagues on other sites are forced to maintain spreadsheets and manually perform all of the standard operations of a Salary Cap league.
  • League Tycoon was built specifically for Salary Cap leagues and is designed with new players in mind.
  • League Tycoon provides a state-of-the-art mobile app that allows your league mates to easily keep up with their teams. Your league is open 365 days a year with no down months for maintenance. Modern design with all of the advanced features required for a Salary Cap league.
  • Integrated league chat
  • Hall of Fame - One of the fun aspects of dynasty is keeping a history of your league. Top scores of all time, trophy leaders, etc.
  • Regular updates and improvements
  • Fast customer support

Finding a League

So, you just realized that you NEED to play in a Salary Cap league, but you don't have enough team owners.  That's not a problem.  There are a couple great places where you can recruit owners for your new league: Join our discord here or you can check out r/findaleague & r/DynastyFF.

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