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Fantasy Football Leagues Redefined

More Strategy, More Skill, More Engagement.

More Strategy,
More Skill,
More Engagement.

Contract Dynasty Leagues – Graveyard Leagues – Gambit Leagues
& Ranked Fantasy Football

Contract Leagues
Gambit Leagues
Graveyard Leagues
Ranked Fantasy Football

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Contracts & Salary Caps

Only site that automates Contracts and Salary Caps for your league, no more spreadsheets.

League Tycoon makes managing your dynasty clear and simple, even Greg will be able to keep up with his team. Learn More

Trade Auctions

Select what you want to trade away and let league mates submit public offers.

Offers can include a combination of players, rookie picks, and cap space.

You set which offer your like the best and watch league mates try to one up each other. Learn More

Slow Auction Drafts

Can’t get everyone together for the draft? Or just enjoy dragging the draft party out for a few weeks? We got you covered with Slow Auction Drafts. Learn More

Slow Rookie Drafts available as well!

Draft Order Lottery

Want to prevent teams from tanking or just looking for something more fun?

We developed a Draft Lotto ceremony that your league can schedule to watch the results unfold in the app.

Gambit Leagues

Looking to add a side league for your group? Created by League Tycoon, this is a high strategy format which requires knowledge that goes beyond the rankings. Each team drafts a coaching scheme to build their team around. Learn More

Ranked Fantasy Football

Ranked Fantasy Football is a ladder system in which owners move up or down leagues based on their order of finish in ranked games. Ranked leagues have no commissioner and play by a default set of rules.
Learn More

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